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About NZA

NZA is a boutique provider of ESG and climate related risk solutions


Mission: to enact positive change and equip you with the tools to foster a more sustainable world.

Vision: empowering corporations to transform business practices for a global sustainable future

Who we are
We specialize in harmonizing corporate strategies to foresee and adapt to dynamic regulatory guidelines, voluntary disclosures, and the accompanying ESG obligations. Our suite of solutions caters to both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of climate change demands. In a world increasingly impacted by weather-related crises, we generate comprehensive climate analytics. These analytics serve as crucial support for our clients' risk evaluation processes, addressing both immediate concerns and future projections. Our rapid-response statements furnish timely and invaluable insights into ongoing catastrophic events across the globe. "Leveraging NZAs extensive global natural catastrophe database", continuous monitoring of historical and emerging natural hazard patterns, and internal and external research initiatives on climate change and socioeconomic factors, our advisory capacity remains robust and multifaceted. Leveraging a global knowledge base and strategic partnerships, our Climate & ESG team ensures that clients are knowledgeable about regulatory changes, best practices and market trends to tailor their pathway through the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We combine a wide variety of experience and academic qualifications

Environmental Studies

Social and Humanities Studies

Corporate Governance

Data Analytics

Financial Modeling

Our staff are experts in sustainable finance, corporate governance, human rights, AI and mechanical systems and 60% of them are qualified at PhD level. Many have worked on large international projects and are experienced in handling projects of all sizes. "Our analysts academic background covers the following fields of expertise."

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Our ESG data management platform - Ecoverse - has received multiple awards for its innovative functionality and ability to upload ESG data according to global reporting standards

Trusted by:

Net Zero Analytics

Your company's sustainability is our priority. With ESG and climate-related risks increasingly shaping global business strategies, NZA is your guiding partner through the turbulence of transitioning to a greener future.

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