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A trusted partner in your ESG transformation journey

Leading ESG advisory service provider in Greece and Southern Europe

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NZA is your trusted partner in ESG and climate-related risk!

With a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and sustainability intelligence, our dedicated team of experts is committed to propelling the impact of your company to a superior level of dutiful excellence.

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Risk Management

Prioritizing ESG in Risk Management

As it evolves, Risk management needs to prioritize and seamlessly integrate a diverse range of ESG concerns. Whether it's grappling with natural disasters like wildfires and floods, navigating social protests, or complying with everchanging regulations, we stand alongside our clients, offering robust analysis and effective management strategies for their ESG priorities. Our team specializes in conducting thorough materiality assessments, climate scenario analyses, implementing internal carbon pricing mechanisms, and facilitating GHG emission accounting. These initiatives collectively fortify our clients' risk management frameworks, ensuring they are well-equipped to address and mitigate ESG-related risks.

The Path to Sustainability

Raising awareness

Raising awareness among top management is the first step in developing an ESG strategy for companies. Engaging the right people is crucial to ensure that the organization commits the necessary time and resources to the project. A corporate long-term strategy is the basis for an ESG system, and clear goals and metrics should be established to track progress and identify areas for improvement. By prioritizing ESG, companies can create a sustainable business model that minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities for growth.

Preparing and disclosing ESG report

Designing the contents of the ESG report is a critical step in the ESG project of companies. The report should present a fair and accurate depiction of the company's ESG status and profile and contain reliable and representative information. Companies need to ensure that the information presented in the report is consistent with their actual practices, as the public and stakeholders are increasingly scrutinizing the commitments made by companies to improve their ESG KPIs.

Alignment of ESG strategy throughout company

To ensure the successful implementation of the ESG project, it is recommended that companies provide ESG training to all their crew and staff. This training should cover any changes that were made as part of the ESG project, as well as the reasons behind these changes. It is important to emphasize the commitment of top management to ESG during this training.

The team

Assembling a multi-disciplinary team and appointing an ESG coordinator, along with trusted external advisors, will help companies successfully implement their ESG strategy, integrate ESG considerations into their operations, and achieve their ESG goals.

Monitoring and updating KPIs

The company has a responsibility to continuously monitor and update ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to demonstrate its commitment to ESG. Regularly reviewing and updating procedures and introducing new activities and metrics in its reporting when these are relevant to ESG is a continuous process.

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