Terms and Conditions of use of ECOVERSE platform

A. Regarding our company:

Our company was founded in 2021 and is based in Athens and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of data analysis. Our partners are one of the most specialized teams in the field and cover a wide range of scientific knowledge and innovation.

B. Regarding the EcoVerse platform:

Our company is based on the principles of sustainable development and economic development through modern, ecological, sustainable and innovative investments. In this field, the analysis of sustainability data is a key for a change of economic direction, but also a useful tool for better economic policies.

If the production units share the same vision with us, they can register Environmental, Social and Governance data (ESG) on the EcoVerse platform on the basis of their voluntary participation, regarding their registration and the quality and amount of information they will register.

The following principles apply during the operation of the above platform.

Principle of Transparency. We will always be transparent regarding the use of any disclosed data and no methods will be used to distort or conceal data. Any entity registering data may at any time by request the deletion of its data and the immediate removal of the user profile.


The use of the platform is offered to users, who can browse the platform and get knowledge of specific measurements and statistics related to financial and non-financial data of companies, which they themselves register on the platform on a voluntary basis.

In addition to the simple browsing for those companies that wish to register data, the following applies:

The user consents to the publication of his data, as well as to the use of them for the preparation of statistical charts.

Net Zero Analytics (hereinafter referred to as NZA) has the right to use the data entered by the user. In addition, the NZA will process the data and prepare sectoral, national, competitors, benchmarking, etc. Data entry entities will have the right to access these NZA services (for fee or not). Most services are anonymous, e.g. industry performance. In these cases, NZA will process the data and prepare industry / national benchmarking.

Some services provided may also be named, for example performance of specific competitors.


The access and use of the EcoVerse platform requires each user to complete a registration process. NZA reserves the right to change the registration process at any time in its sole discretion, including the introduction of measures aimed at verifying the identity of any User. The user authentication process is performed under the responsibility of each user.

The integration may require you to provide the NZA with the company name, registered office, business details, the name of its representative on the EcoVerse platform and the representative’s e-mail address.

NZA reserves the right to deny a user registration on the platform.


The EcoVerse platform rates users based on data registered to it based on international standards and best ESG scoring practices. The NZA reserves the right to change the scoring practices, as well as to add, remove or modify them.


NZA reserves the right to use automated or other monitoring tools to assess whether the registered Data or upload conditions reveal errors indicating that the Data contains errors or is being uploaded in bad intentions. In this case, it reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delete user profiles and not to include the specific data in its statistical data. Furthermore, the NZA reserves the right not to make any Data available on the EcoVerse platform if it finds that the Data is illegal or not according to the EcoVerse platform Terms and Conditions. In case of deactivation of a user, NZA reserves the right to remove the Data or any other content it has been registered at any time without prior notice to the User.


NZA is not responsible for any availability, quality or functionality of the platform data and provides the data only if the platform is available and has no technical issues.

Any information regarding the availability, quality, functionality of the EcoVerse platform provided by NZA on the Website or elsewhere is not part of these Terms and Conditions herein.

NZA is not obliged to store, publish, provide or display Data or any other content as part of the EcoVerse platform and reserves the right to remove this Data or any other content at any time without notice.


You acknowledge and agree that:

The registration of Data by the Companies and the choice of this Data is made available to the Public is entirely voluntary for you and the NZA does not check which entity wishes to registrate Data or which Data it decides to make public.

NZA is not obligated to evaluate the accuracy of the Data and any other content registered by users, which may be inaccurate, incorrect, untrue, outdated, incomplete, misleading, illegal or otherwise inaccurate. The content of the EcoVerse platform is provided as it is and NZA has no responsibility and does not provide any guarantee for the accuracy of the data.

NZA is not responsible for registration the information by users, nor does it send relevant notifications.

The User consents to the processing of the data registered on the EcoVerse platform by the company NZA and explicitly accepts that this data may be subject to financial exploitation by the NZA, through specialized statistical studies by order or through the subscription premium operate within the platform. 

The User accepts in advance the rating he will receive by the NZA and accepts its rating methods.

The NZA findings and statistics are not business advice or the execution of any order, whether paid or unpaid.

The content of the EcoVerse platform is provided for information only and is not and should not be construed as:

-investment advice, nor recommendation for buying, selling or otherwise trading in any investment.

-legal advice, including cases where NZA has developed and operated questionnaires and scores based on regulatory provisions of a legislator.

The processing of the EcoVerse platform data or their financial exploitation in any way is not allowed to the Users.


All copyrights and proprietary rights related to or included in the platform of any ESG Book, statistics, comparative data and their findings, Evidence or other content provided through the platform, improvements, modifications, improvements or additional services that apply to them and all documentation, computer programs, systems, adaptations, enhancements, websites, any information about your interactions with the site and the data of such interactions are, in any case, the sole and exclusive property of the NZA.


Regarding the protection of user data collected during the operation of the EcoVerse platform, please check the data protection policy.


Regarding the policy of use of Cookies during the operation of the EcoVerse platform, please check the data protection policy.


Third parties may file a complaint regarding any infringement of their rights using the following email address: info@netzeroanalytics.eu


This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and shall remain in force until terminated by either party.

Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon notice to the other Party at any time:

– In case of a breach by the other Party of any of the provisions of this Agreement.

– in case the access and / or use of the EcoVerse platform has become or is illegal, according to the decision of a competent court or Authority.

with thirty (30) days before written notice.

NZA may terminate this Agreement and cancel or withdraw all or part of the content of the EcoVerse platform at any time in its sole discretion by deleting all or part of the relevant data.


Any entity wishing to register on the platform and register data agrees to provide all information and documentation that may be required by the NZA to assess whether all applicable eligibility criteria are met.

Entities that register data on the EcoVerse platform understand and accept that they grant a universal, fully paid, irrevocable, non-exclusive, permanent authorization to the users of the EcoVerse platform, as well as to display and use this Data for the purposes of the platform only with the exception of any Prohibited Use.

Entities that register data on the EcoVerse platform expressly grant to NZA their permission to create Derivative Works, such as statistical and comparative studies, based on the Data they register regardless of their accuracy.


Every user registers data on the EcoVerse platform agrees that the Login provided to each entity for access is personal and for use only by him and will ensure the secure storage of his passwords.


Each User will ensure that has implemented security systems and procedures to prevent unauthorized access or use of the EcoVerse platform. In case it is found that any of the previous cases, the User is obliged to immediately inform the NZA through the e-mail address info@netzeroanalytics.eu