ESG Analyst

Job Description: ESG Analyst
Job Location: Thessaloniki
Business Travel Needs: No
Application Process: Please send CV to
Position Objective

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join a green Fintech active in one of the most dynamic forces of the economy – ESG. The incumbent should have a good sense of corporate responsibility and/or responsible investment and a demonstrable passion for sustainable development, and a willingness to challenge conventional lines of thought.

Main Responsibilities
  1. Identification of company ESG criteria through open source investigation as well as direct client communication
  2. Support NZ’s research process to analyze, score, rate, and rank corporate entities on their key material ESG
  3. factors to assess and differentiate ESG performance based on NZ methodology
  4. Convert collected data into professional ESG assessments accurately justifying results
  5. Collaborate with Senior Advisory committee in the client rating process
  6. Communicate both internally and externally to broaden awareness of NZ ESG initiatives
  1. Undergraduate degree in business studies with a focus on sustainable development (e.g. green economics,
  2. international development, environmental sciences)
  3. Post graduate studies in a sustainable development field are desirable
  4. Excellent excel and writing skills
  5. Proven presentation and communication skills
  6. Excellent knowledge of English (professional writing)
  7. Ability to write professional environmental impact assessments